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KBM has been designing, implementing and managing self-insured Workers’ Compensation plans for employers since 1986. This fee-for-service function is one of our principal services that have enabled our clients to maximize their benefit expense through complete plan management that includes statistical and actuarial analysis and reporting.

KBMs Claim Management and Reserve Adequacy Audits continues to provide our clients the peace of mind they need when entrusting their claim processing services to a third party. In addition to providing these services to our Plan Management clients KBM has been working on behalf of the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board to evaluate the self-insured Trust market since 2008.

Whether you are currently taking advantage of alternative funding, or are fully-insured and interested in exploring the benefits of self-insurance, KBM offers you the opportunity to recognize the cost containment alternatives available to your group. Our team of professionals can analyze your current plan, demographics and costs (claim and administrative) to determine the best strategy for self-insured implementation and on-going management.

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Our Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation experience has assisted both public and private employers, municipal cooperatives and consortiums.

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