Delay the HIT!

July 23, 2018

Efforts are underway to delay the Health Insurance Tax (HIT), imposed by the ACA, from affecting health insurance premiums in 2020 and beyond. Bipartisan legislation, S. 3063, by Senators Barrasso...

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2019 Health Savings Account Limits

June 29, 2018

The IRS has released Revenue Procedure 2018-30 notifying Health Savings Account (HSA) owners of the funding and deductible limits effective January 1, 2019. Annual HSA Contribution Limits: Single:        $3,500...

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NYS 2019 Small Group Rate Requests

June 06, 2018

Health insurance carriers in New York State are required to file their rate requests with the Department of Financial Services (DFS) by June 1st each year. The filing serves as...

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Association Health Plans: New Proposed Rules

January 12, 2018

Last Thursday, the Department of Labor released a proposed rule on the expansion of association health plans in response to the Trump administrations executive order in October directing federal agencies...

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ACA Reporting: IRS Holiday Fine Letter

November 20, 2017

Since the 2015 tax year Applicable Large Employers (over 50 employees) have been required to report to the IRS on the health plan they’re offering their eligible employees. If it...

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Health Care Executive Actions: The Basics

October 13, 2017

Yesterday, President Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) instructing a number of departments to consider easing certain health insurance rules related to small businesses, short-term health insurance policies and Health...

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