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New and Improved KBM Website!

KBM Management is proud to welcome you to our new and improved Website! (same boring address, though… KBMmanagement.com ). After six months of hard work and many in depth conversation about “who we really are” our new site is ready and open for business!

Many thanks to our partners at Breakthrough Design Group (BDG) for guiding us through the process and giving us a fresh look.

As a unique firm in the Health and Workers’ Compensation field it’s sometimes difficult to really describe what KBM does for our clients. If you are familiar with the work we do as a Consultant for your group health plan, our capabilities in self-funded Workers’ Compensation may seem foreign to you. Likewise to our “Comp” clients (as we affectionately call you), who often don’t know the many services we provide on the group health side of KBM. And very few truly understand our capabilities from a medical and Workers’ Compensation claim audit perspective.

Our new site is designed to be easily searched and navigated from a desktop or mobile device, get you the information you need quickly, and most importantly to us, make KBM better known in our internet driven world.

Please take a moment to check out the hard work put into this new site. Better yet, make www.KBMmanagement.com a bookmark on your browser!

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