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Employee benefit management is, most commonly, a function of Human Resource Directors and their staff. KBM’s clients who have large numbers of employees have Human Resource Departments who employ specialists that focus on specific areas of employee benefits like health insurance or 401k retirement plans. While our smaller clients often have one person handling all aspects of human resources while also performing other duties. Government regulation, and now ACA reporting requirements, are making these positions more and more important from a compliance standpoint.

As a result of our close relationship with our clients’ Human Resource Directors KBM has worked to find a solution to this problem. Web based software designed to streamline the benefits and HR process.

KBM, after a long vetting process, purchased a license for HR software designed by a company called “Employee Navigator.” The intent of this new relationship is to provide our clients access to employee management software that can help them manage their business. Clients can choose to use as much, or as little, as they would like. If they decide to take full advantage of this software it can be used for new employee paperwork (on-boarding), electronic handbook distribution, company documentation, electronic benefits enrollment and waivers, benefits tracking, employee communication, paid time off tracking, and ACA reporting (1094 and 1095-C for a small fee).

Imagine hiring a new employee and instead of waiting for them to complete the paper document you send a link by email and they handle it all electronically. This allows you to track and verify their progress to ensure all forms are read and/or completed. At open enrollment all employees can log on and handle their elections and waivers electronically. Tracking and reporting capabilities let you know who finished and who still has to complete the process. Someone didn’t log on, yet? An automated reminder is sent until they do!

Any company with over 50 employees will have to issue 1094 and 1095-C paperwork starting in 2016. The software will have the benefits and employer information necessary to complete the information quickly and efficiently. A simple download from payroll and ACA reporting compliance is complete!

If you would like to discuss the benefits of this software in your business please reach out to us. We see this as the future of employee benefit management in Human Resources for most companies and look forward to working with our clients to get it up and running.

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